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22 Broad St, Bethel, Maine

Sister Property | Private Home

Looking for more than just a room? Our sister property offers the perfect space for

multi-family vacations, family gatherings, romantic getaways, and memorable weekends with friends. Enjoy the comfort of a fully-equipped house with modern amenities and cozy touches, ideal for relaxing and celebrating special moments together.


The Specs

  • Victorian-style home 

  • 6 Beds 

  • 5.5 Baths 

  • Commercial Kitchen

  • Martini Bar 

  • Gas Fireplace 

  • Wrap-around Porch 

  • Outdoor Bocce Ball Court 

Rates & Booking

Our nightly rate varies by the time of year, from $500-1,100 per night. For more information on this property and to book please either call or email using the information below. 

All Information

For more information about our rental property, please use the link below to download an in-depth guide on all things 22 Broad St.

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